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1987 in February 1987 Ne Zhdali started  in Tallinn (Estonia)
Musicians: Первый преднеждальный концерт


  1. · Leonid Soybelman - guitar, vocal
  2. · Ilja Komarov - bas guitar
  3. · Vitali Redchits - drums
  4. · Andrei Kulagin - objects,vocals, euphonium
  5. · Oleg Davidovitch - trombone, guitar
  6. · Veeremaa Vadim - brass, backvocal.

There were no changes in the band during all these years, except for participation of keyboard player Avi Nedzvetski in the period within 1989 - 1990.

1987 - 88 First 2 year of existence the group worked in Russian Drama Theater in Tallinn, where took part in different musical and theatrical performances, made soundtracks and had a place for rehearsals.
First performance of their own music the group has given in November 1987 in Tallinn, hence has at once won reputation of a non-standard team.
First festival appearance of Ne Zhdali was held in May 1988 on "Rock-Forum" in Vilnius (Lithuania). Later - performances in Sverdlovsk, Riga, Tobolsk, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Leningrad. Performance at the first "Syrock-festival" in December 1988 Ne Zhdali have received intrigue popularity in the circles of soviet alternative music.
1989 танец на концерте в КопенгагенеIn the beginning 1989  a sequence of concerts in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Kiev has been given. Later this year they have presented half-acoustic, half-theatrical, half-avantguard performance "Poco a poco ma non troppo"  after Boris Polevoi's "Real Man Story" at the Meierhold memorial  evening in Jermolova Theatre in Moscow in March 1989.
In May after the invitation of the "Next Stop Soviet" Ne Zhdali go to Denmark. Hence the intensive west-European tour policy had begun. In the end of May 1989 the group played the large festival "Independent artist for South Africa", where such bands as "Djungle", "Zvuki Mu", "Polite Refusal", Fred Frith, "Cassiber", and others had appeared.
Since 1989 "Ne Zhdali" ever more play on West, occupying steady positions on alternate scene.
August - October - tour in Holland, Germany, Denmark; shootings documentary film "Ne Zhdali" for Danish TV; participation in concert on the central square of Copenhagen in the telebridge Moscow - Copenhagen.
The end of November - festival of soviet art in Glasgow: where "Ne Zhdali" together with "Collegian Assessor" and "Agate Christie" represented soviet fate - culture. Concert in London, record of radiosession "Sevooborot" on "BBC". December - concerts & festivals in Holland and record of an album "Rhinoceroses and other forms of life" in studio ADM in Amsterdam.
1990 Концерт в Ленинградском рок-клубе 1990May - June - release of LP "Rhinoceroses and other forms of life" in Holland label SEMAPHORE and subsequent tour on Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia. Radiosession on the national Dutch radio.
August - took part in a large festival ParkFest in Venlo city (Holland).
Autumn - tour in soviet Baltic.
December - seeming disintegration of group, described by the different editions in connection with departure L.Soybelman in Israel. Farewell concert in Leningrad rock-club and Tallinn, visiting two concerts in Moscow where we could not play.
1991 April - Release of 20000 copies of LP "She-ye-ye" on an independent label ERIO in Moscow.

May - June - big European tour in Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia. Participation in festivals of new and other music. Shootings on TV in Zurich.


February - March - preparation and record of an album "Muscle Thing" in Tallinn.
March - July - largest tour (44 gigs) on Europe with concerts in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Geneva, Bologna and etc. Participation in a festival of new music "BabyLom" in Czechoslovakia.
October - November - tour in France, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany.


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January - re-release of an album "Rhinoceroses and other forms of life" on a compact disc by French label AYAA.
April - May - record of a new album in Tallinn. Performances in Tallinn, Moscow and St.Peterburg. Record for transfer "Ad Libitum" in the program "A" on Russian TV.
September tour in Germany, participation in a festival "Transit" in Kassel.
November-December series of concerts in Switzerland, Holland, Germany and Austria.

1994 March - release of CD "Hey driver, cool dawn the horses" on RecRec Zurich and simultaneously on Russian label "FEELEE Records"(Moscow). For which next European tour in Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany has followed. Participation in a festival of modern music in St.Ettienne.
July - participation in one of the most significant festivals "MIMI in St.Martin de la Crau", together with Ornette Coleman, Tenko, Blech. Rehearsals and preliminary records in Geneva. Participation in a festival "Frick Open Air" in Switzerland.
October - November - rehearsal in Lucerne & tour in Germany, Holland and Belgium, record of a new album together with producer of an album Dolf Plandteidt in Amsterdam.
1995 On April released on RecRec Zurich CD "Whatever Happens Twist" (Air-Ground). For which follows largest and intensive tour on Check, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Belgium and Holland. In 2 months the group has given 44 concerts. Participation in two largest festivals of new music in Europe: Musique Action 1995 Vandoeuvre de Nancy in France and 24 th. Moers New Jazz festival in Germany.
November - December - rehearsal in Lucerne and tour around Switzerland, Austria, Check and Germany.
1996 February - rehearsal and record of a new material "Pollo d'Oro" in Tallinn together with group from Seattle " The Billie Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet ".
May - June - 13e Festival Musique Actuelle Victoriaville in Canada, open air festivals in Mainz and Salzwedel, tour in Germany and Austria.
14 August - 2 concerts on Pepsi Sziget '96 festival in Budapest(Hungary).
December - rehearsals in Tallinn
1997 April - May - Interesting spring tour. 32 concerts without drummer around Europe.
October - Autumn tour in Germany, France & Austria.
1998 Entering to Rock Garden

April - May - Spring tour Germany, Check, Holland.Austria.  Release of "Pollo d'Oro".
June - Festival in Zagreb,
July - rehearsal in Tallinn,
October - Concert in St.Peterburg with "Auctyon" in DK Lensoveta.
November - little tour in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka). Concerts in festival (Kobe), in clubs, in record store and even in recording studio.

1999 March - release of live album "Tokyo Nov. 25, 1998" in Japan on "Prospekt Mira" label.
April - spring tour in Germany, Swiss, France, Belgium and Italy (20 concerts). New design of cover for re-release of
"Rhinoceroses and other forms of life" on German label "No Man's Land".
July - rehearsal in Tallinn.