LP-Rhinoceroses and Other Forms of Life, 1991 Semafor

LP-She ye ye, 1991 ERIO records

CD-Hey Driver, Cool Down the Horses !!!, 1994 RecRec + FeeLee CD-Whatever Happens, Twist !, 1995 RecRec Zurich CD-Live Rarities vol.1, 1997 No Mans Land CD Pollo d'Oro 1998 Solyd Records & No Man's Land CD - TOKYO Nov. 25, 1998; Japan, Prospekt Mira 1999

Ne Zhdali is a 6-pieces musical band basically located in Tallinn (Estonia). Their undefined style is a combination of different personalities, musical tastes and influences. Their music has amazed people for its enormous optimism in the time of apocalypses... On stage they are bursting with wild energy exploring their physical and mental capacities.
They started in 1987. Their original and fresh approach to the music made them popular in the underground Soviet scene. In 1989 they first went to the West where in Holland they recorded their first album (Rhinoceroses...). Since that time they've played 18 tours in more then 15 countries of Europe, played festivals in Canada, had tour in Japan, always welcomed with big enthusiasm.
Music of the band is basically and instinctively oriented on expressive rhythmic structures which they call "rhinoceroses" and on small folky tunes coming from everywhere in the world. There are some other things in their music but too hard to define.

During 10 years they released 7 albums on different labels.
Album "Pollo d'Oro" recorded together with Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet(USA) was released at spring of 1998 on No Mans Land (Germany) and Solyd Records (Russia). At spring of 1999 released in Japan live album "Tokyo Nov. 25, 1998"   and re-released "Rhino and other..." in Germany.
For now 4 members live in Tallinn, one in Berlin and one in Luzern (Switzerland).


In Berlin: Gerhard Busse fax: +49 (30) 42 79 532,

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In Tallinn:  Veeremaa Vadim, phone (372) 632 25 20,

In Berlin:   Soybelman Leonid, e-mail